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(I)   Generally admission of the student is taken from class Nur. To Class IX.(II)  You have to pay Rs.200/- for registration form.

  • On the basis of S.L.C., the students are allowed to be admitted for the scheduled class.
  • At the time of first admission student will bring two pass-post size picture with them.

1. Some particular laws related to school arrangement.

(I)  The Student must not have a sum as extra money or any costly thing like jewallary, Camera, watch, ring, Mobile phone etc.

(II)  Except the parents, any other person related to the students will be only allowed to meet to the students if he proves himself a relative to the student by showing his/her identity card and a letter accepted by the student’s parents .

(III)  No reduction about fee will be provide to the parents of the students for any type of long vacation

2. Dress :-

a) For Boys:-  Blue and White Checked shirt and navey blue pant (for Saturday , white shirt and white pant) black shoes , white sock, Belt, Tie, In winter, Sweater/ Blazer and Muffler in navy blue colour.(for Wednesday  Navey Blue T-shirt and White Track Pant)

15. b) :- Blue and White Checked shirt and navey blue Skirt (on Saturday , white shirt and white Skirt) black shoes , white sock, Belt, Tie, In winter, Sweater/ Blazer and Scarf (for Wednesday Navey Blue T-shirt and White Track Pant)

Some Remarkable Facts For Guardians

16. a) Send your ward on the time in school in recommended uniform in the school.

17. b) The School welcomes your advice concerning student’s progress. You can give your either written or orally to the concerning authority.

18. c) All school payments must be made regularly in each month on scheduled time.

19. d) Your ward should be cautious to his progress to follow discipline.

20. e) You are required to regular watch your wards educational progress.

Oath of the Students.

21. I) We shall have respect and civilized activities to parents, teachers and friends.

22. II) We will try to maintain the freedom of India, National unity and integrity, secularism, social harmony and justice and rich culture of the country.

23. III) We will follow the truth, non-violence, peace, love. Kindness, forgiveness, co-operation, service, labour patience & Courage.

24. Some particular rules for the required success.

25. I) Read regularly to make the time table .

26. II) Rise in brahmamuhurta, follow the controlled life and celibacy.

III) Keep high ambition.Do regular practice

  1. IV) Fortune favorers the brave.
  2. V) Results are the follower of action .
  3. VI) You can make your life better by good books, good friends and good companionship.

VII) Don’t be puzzle from failure. Do hard labour and be courageous.

VIII) Be curious, widened your views and move towards.

  1. IX) Work is worship don’t think about the result.
  2. Instructions for Students:-
  3. I) Home work should be done regularly to make an exercise book for each subject. To learn Questions answers after making the fair copies according to courses.
  4. II) It is necessary to come in neat and clean uniforms.

III) Participate with discipline at the time of the school prayer and national antheme.

  1. IV) Do not try to enter in other classes.
  2. V) In Absence of the teacher, to obey the advice of the class monitor and to out after getting his advice.
  3. VI) Without the permission of the principal any would be fined for absence from the school. Permission will be given by the principal on request through an application or on diary signed by the guardian.

VII) It is must to bring exercise book & books according to the routine.

VIII) Children must bring diary with them. It is necessary to write home work which given by the teacher and must be ful-fill by the students.

  1. IX) Student are directed to put up their diary before their guardian for observation in connection with studies teaching home work and holidays.
  2. X) First aid and treatment is available in the school. In vital Class permission for leave will be given by the Principal.
  3. XI) School Uniform is Necessary to attend the School.

XII) Don’t use any harmful thing. If you will caught punishment may be given

XIII) It is moral duties to take part with discipline in school activities

XIV) Girls and boys both should behave with gentle among themselves.

  1. XV) Students are directed to bring their break fast along with their water pots. To go out from the School campus is not allowed generally.

XVI) Keep peace, neat & clean environment of the school.

XVII) Don’t  use the black- board without the teacher. It is prohibited to write on the desks benches, walls,etc.

XVIII) Don’t Sit with keeping hand or to catch hand of others. It is prohibited to stand on the balcony and to run in the school campus.

XIX) Little children are advised to with in the school campus after the break of school who used to go  with their guardians.

  1. XX) They will be punished who will stand out after unnecessary leave.

XXI) Protection is necessary of the school’s property.

XXII) After the school break students are directed to go out in a que. Go to home in discipline and don’t go anywhere.

XXIII) Obey your teachers.

XXIV) Punishment will be given to those students who will not obey the direction.

27. Expulsion:-

In the following cases students might be expelled from the school.

  1. If not pay the school fee regularly your ward will be expelled.
  2. If /he she does not follow the routine or discipline can get expulsion .
  • If any students is absent without any information/ notice for a month regularly can get expulsion.

28. Any kind complaint or suggestions related to school management and proper development of the children can register in the complaint book available in the office . Regarding this you can get information the instruction given by the office on every Saturday.

29. The meeting will be held between guardians and teachers regarding the better progress of the students before publishing the results. On this occasion the presentation of the guardian will be appreciated by the members of the school.

30. Disposal of any kind of judicial matter will be solved only in Darbhanga.